Aveo Wellness is the concierge practice of Dr. Jon Deam, a board-certified psychiatrist and addiction specialist. Our goal is to help you cultivate connection, openness, and resilience. We are proud to be an environment of easy access, high-touch communication, and maximal support.

Dr. Jon specializes in rapid growth through:

  • Life-Coaching
  • Talk Therapy
  • Medication Optimization
  • Medication Cessation
  • Lifestyle Recommendations (diet, sleep, exercise)

We offer 1:1, group therapy, couples counseling, personality testing, and referrals to a variety of specialists to help you in your journey.

Appointment types:

*Regarding payment, we are out of network for all insurances, MediCal and Medicare. Please contact your health insurer to discuss reimbursement options as we do provide superbills.

Medication Optimization: (Available only to San Diego Residents 18 and older)
Approach follows a traditional psychiatric model with an emphasis on medication review, optimization, or cessation.

  • Initial assessment for 45 minutes, $375
  • Follow-up appointments for 20 minutes, $175

Comprehensive Life Assessment Appointment:
This approach includes therapy, life coaching, and medication management if needed. Allows for deeper connections, exploration of goals, and life stage planning.

  • Initial Assessment for 60 minutes, $500
  • One Hour Follow-up Appointments, $500
  • Half Hour Follow-up Appointments, $255

We offer a Concierge Membership for those interested in a long-term, in-depth relationship.
Concierge Package Membership, $400 per month:
This is a yearly subscription package billed monthly. Includes one hour per month at a 20% discount ($400 instead of $500). Any additional sessions will offer a 20% discount as well.