Your mental state is as crucial to your overall wellness as managing your weight or controlling your blood pressure. Feeling focused and on track can be as important to you as getting over an illness. When you’re out of sync with your objectives, the associated unease can be as harmful to your wellbeing as any chronic health condition.

This is where a life coach steps in, to help you step up. When it’s difficult to gain a healthy perspective on parts of your life, your life coach offers clarity and pinpoints obstacles that you’re often unable to recognize through the clutter of everyday life.

In San Diego, consider contacting Dr. Jon Deam when you’re ready to rise above the ordinary. Dr. Jon Deam can offer you effective life coaching services, no matter which aspect of your life needs new focus.

What is a life coach?

Describing a life coach as a type of mentor is a valid analogy. While you may think of a mentor as being a senior workplace associate, their value rests in guiding you through the workplace, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, and helping you develop strategies to optimize your experience. A mentor is typically a business coach.

A life coach offers a similar perspective, though it need not be focused on your professional life. Perhaps you need assistance to break a habit or pattern that interferes with moving your life forward. You could have issues with stress or anxiety, or maybe you struggle with blocked creativity. Your relationships and social life may be unfulfilling. These are just a few of the issues with which a life coach might help.

Benefits of coaching

The scope of life coaching is up to you, and working with Dr. Jon, you’ll develop a personalized plan to address those areas that feel outside your grasp. Because of the individualized nature of your coaching experience, your potential benefits are as unique as your original needs. Some of the common targets chosen for life coaching include:

  • Identifying a sense of purpose
  • Finding work/life balance
  • Reinforcing self-esteem
  • Goal setting and achieving
  • Life transition management
  • Effective communication
  • Relationship building
  • Stress management
  • Dealing with grief and loss

The target of life coaching is to work toward your own self-care, learning new ways of thinking and considering the consequences of thoughts and actions on your wellness.

What to expect from life coaching

Dr. Jon offers both in-office and remote coaching sessions, so you can choose the environment in which you’re most comfortable. Once you’ve identified the aspects with which you want help, Dr. Jon uses guided conversations to explore your approach and identify both roadblocks and avenues for redirection.

While life coaching isn’t therapy, Dr. Jon uses therapy principles in most of his patient interactions, leading toward life positivity and wellness. Expect being challenged and motivated. Expect feeling good about yourself and your progress. Expect new insights and directions. It’s about finding, and sustaining, your own motivations.

Virtually anyone can benefit from life coaching. Find out more by contacting Dr. Jon Deam, by phone or online. Your most important step is the one you take toward action. Book a consultation now.

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