One aspect of wellness that many people tend to overlook is their own mental health, even when its neglect contributes to problems with their physical wellbeing and their overall enjoyment of life.

It isn’t like a physical issue where you can describe symptoms, receive a diagnosis after a hands-on exam, and then get a prescription to set you right. Addressing mental health requires an interactive process of coaching or talk therapy. It’s a process that takes time, something that’s always at a premium in contemporary life.

Now, though, you can get excellent mental health care in the location of your choice, whether it’s at home, in a private room at work, or even on a deserted stretch of beach. We live in an era of telemedicine, and it’s an ideal platform for mental health care. Dr. Jon Deam of Dr. Jon Deam offers telemedicine appointments to his patients, and it’s more than just a way to talk with them.

Talk therapy

A synonym for psychotherapy, talk therapy better describes the process through which you can work on your state of mind, whether you have a specific mental disorder or if you’re undergoing a challenging time in your life.

There are different forms of talk therapy. Two of the most common types that Dr. Jon draws from are:

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Negative thoughts and actions often take on a cyclical pattern that’s sometimes difficult to break. It starts with recognition of responses that you’d like to improve. You work with Dr. Deam along a structured treatment path to develop specific responses that address the behaviors you wish to change.

Interpersonal therapy

Many mental wellness issues result from the challenges of relationships with others. Depression is a common condition that can trace back to interpersonal problems. You can develop new ways of coping with the aspects of an interpersonal connection that feeds depression symptoms.

When you have specific goals you want to tackle for which you need an extra edge for motivation and accomplishment, life coaching with Dr. Jon may be the answer.

Advantages of telemedicine

Life coaching and talk therapy adapt naturally to the concept of telemedicine, whether through voice or video calling. You may even use email in certain situations.

Less obvious are services such as medication monitoring. You can work with Dr. Jon to find the right prescription and dosage without repeated visits to the office. For patients who require vital signs monitoring, this can also be done with remote equipment.

You don’t need to be tech savvy to participate. Much of the technology involved with telemedicine is behind the scenes, assuring the protection and privacy of your medical information. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, commonly known as HIPAA, introduced standards for the protection of patient information.

Dr. Deam can answer any questions you may have about using telemedicine for your mental health care. Call the office directly, or request an appointment online using the link on this page. Being proactive about your mental wellness has never been easier. Schedule your telemedicine session today.

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